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With our many years of understanding and experience in the special steel industry, we can provide a complete range of products and abundant stocks.


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Our warehouse is located in Wuxi,Jiangsu Province.We have more than 12,000 tons of inventory, covering carbon steel, alloy steel,tool and die steel, stainless steel and other steel products in different sizes and shapes .We can meet the needs of mainstream customers in America, Europe, Australia, etc.We have served hundreds of customers in abroad and we are familiar with standards in different countries.

we also can provide customized services

Qilu Steel On-demand Manufacturing Services

The company has established a complete production, machining and finishing system, combined with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, testing, warehousing, logistics, and formed a professional supply chain system.

High-quality Steel Is Accumulated By Quantity

1500 +
Companies Served
30 +
Countries Shipped
30 +
Years in Business
300 +
Suppliers Cooperated
200000 +
Steel Produced

Adequate inventory ensures timely delivery

Our large product output and sufficient inventory ensure the timeliness of delivery, complete categories, and convenient selection for customers, which greatly increases our order volume.

Steel Order Process

With years of sales experience, Qilu Steel can provide the best solution for all customer needs. We’ve simplified the buying process into three simple but effective steps.

Get Instant Quote

The customers send the inquiries ,we will reply quickly to understand the needs of our customers.

Customer Order

Once we get the steel specifications,we will provide products that meet the requirements, along with competitive prices.

Timely delivery

After receiving the order ,we will deliver the qualified products with 7-10days to meet our customers need.

Experienced To Ensure On-time Delivery

As a professional steel company, we strictly implement ISO standards throughout the production line to provide consistent high-quality products. Our plentiful inventory and fast shipping improve the accuracy and timeliness of orders. With in-house advanced test and measurement tools, we ensure that every delivered material meets your required specifications.

Years Of Experience

Rich Experience In Steel Order Processing

Stable Raw Material Control

Effective Order Follow-up Management

Effective Lead Time And Shipment Control

In Stock For Fast Shipping

Controllable Delivery Time

Shipment Control

Reliable Logistics Protection

Delivery On Time

Rigorous Quality Control

ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturers

International Standard Materials

Professional Technicians

Inspecition Before Delivery

Work With Numerous Industries

Qilu steel ensures excellent quality and reliable function. With advanced on-demand manufacturing technology and wide product applicability, we provide high-quality products for multiple industries.


Specialty steels are essential to the automotive industry, providing the performance, reliability, and safety required for today's vehicles. As the industry continues to evolve and demand for more sustainable and efficient vehicles grows, QILU expects to see continued innovation of advanced specialty steels to meet these needs.


At QILU, we sell a wide range of specialty steels for parts and structural components for air frames, landing gears and aircraft engines.We realize the importance of the aerospace industry, which is why we are always at the forefront of supply .We supply the industry with special steels and a wide range of materials.


QILU is part of the chain supply of companies which are dedicated to the manufacturing of machinery and heavy equipment, our steel is part of the component that are used in tractors and agriculture machinery, which are sold and distributed in the national and international market.

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