Our Strength

Welcome to QILU

Welcome to Qilu!

Rich Stock

Our company has a large stock of products which covers carbon steel ,alloy steel ,stainless ,tool and die steel in different sizes and shapes . We also can provide customized products.

Professional Workers

The warehouse has professional management personnel, who give priority to using inventory products when receiving orders, quickly stock up and complete transactions efficiently.

Fast Delivery

We have long-term cooperation with logistics companies to ensure that customers’ products are transported safely and on time, and orders are completed efficiently.


Qilu has a large stock of rolled and forged bars from Dongbei Special Steel ,Shi-Steel ,Huai-Steel with a short delivery time .We also stock other products which can cover carbon steel ,alloy steel ,tool and mould steel,stainless steel in different shapes and sizes.Our stock of steel exceeds 12,000 tons all year round.


In order to meet our customers requirements ,we can provide process services in our warehouse , like rough turning ,peeling ,grinding,polishing ,cutting etc.We can delivery the products fast after the processes.


We have advanced device and complete inspection means to do testing and make sure our products quality, such as the large digital direct-reading spectrometer, flaw detector, nitrogen and hydroxide analyzer, universal testing machine, -60 ℃ low temperature impact testing machine etc.


After the steel are completed, they are tested following relevant standards, and customer requirements. Appropriate packaging measures shall be adopted after passing the inspection to facilitate long-distance transportation .We try our best to think from the end forwards to make it convenient for our customers.


With laudable lead-time ,shipment control and reliable protection in logistics,our customers could rely on our on-time delivery.These pictures can show how to delivery the special steel from factories to ports.